The evolution of the myth

Gianluca Resi, following the realization of the show, begins to analyze the society of today, the popular mass chasing stereotypes artifacts, bringing again to confront the American pop-art, deepening however the other side of a reality Fictive, imbued with superficiality and exteriority.

From here the project "Evolution of the myth" is born, where the artist traces the progress of the myth, its transformation over the centuries, but always preserving its origin: immortality.

From the Muse Eliconie we start singing,

they who belong to Elicone the great and divine mountain.

(Hesiod, Theogony 1-2)

In the examination of the myth, the artist does not omit the origin, where everything began, through the gift of the word, the richest source of information in human history, in fact the myth is nothing but the word, it can be considered a sacred story that reveals of the mysteries and which gives the answer to many questions of the men. The word, the gift that the Muses made to men, daughters of Mnemosyne, memory, that allows men to remember, to narrate how the world originated and men.The artist pays tribute to these mythological figures by portraying them as dancers, since their stories dance in the minds of men. The Muses also tell the deeds of men who become immortal heroes, the hero becomes like gods, figures in which men tend to identify themselves (Gilgamesh, Theseus, Icarus). Man becomes immortal, the center of the world. So in his path, Gianluca Resi returns to confront the pop-art, the myth that becomes consumption, as well as in the second half of ' 900, the heroes give way to those who in the collective imagination become myths, models to inspire, the myth so tinged with Superficiality and Exteriority. The poem, which has always accompanied the myth is also transformed, becomes a logo or a slogan, there are no deeds to narrate, it is the man who becomes a myth for what it is. The Resi arrives so at the end of his journey, the myth of today, now society no longer celebrates only the stars, but also any people, there is no longer a star to be imitated, the star is in each of us. Today we are inundated with images of everyday life through social media, the search for that kind of things that can give each of us that moment of notoriety, so that we feel immortal, the myths of tomorrow. The artist thus begins a production of images of faces or compositions of life, from whose subject one can imagine the breath for how they are painted. The subjects of Resi are ordinary and come from everyday life: a friend standing in a room, the face of a woman, the loneliness of an expectation. In this way the Resi has found a perfect way to evoke the sensation of photography in painting, without ever relying on photo-realism, to evoke the illusion of reality in two and three dimensions.

Gianluca Resi captures the moment: the here and now.