Gianluca Resi

Gianluca Resi (born 1966 in Naples-Italy) despite being a grandson of Mario Penelope, art critic and president of the Biennale Internazionale delle Arti di Venezia (1972), he approaches the world of art only in late age, preferring to devote himself to the family activity of Importing coffee.

The coffee bag will become, later, just the point of Union of its two existences, the entrepreneurial one and the artistic one, in fact the artist appropriats of this to make it an integral part of his last works.

Precisely these works enclose the whole path of the artist, highlighting his source of inspiration, the search for the myth as a man.

In fact, the Resi, in his search for the myth, begins in 2012, a typically American pop-art artistic production, inspired by Andy Warhol, with the depiction of icons from the world of fashion, cinema and entertainment, evoking the myths of the second half of the '900.

But this glossy world soon finds itself in antithesis with the interior path of the artist, he feels the need to tell himself, deciding to return to the origins, so he begins to use the bags of coffee as canvases, initially marked by large Scars, seam-shaped suture, representing the sufferings of men and readjusts to life.

Thus began the production "Scars of the soul", a collection of six works, where the homeless are the protagonists, no longer the stars of the show, in the center there is now man and not his projections. This work involves him to the point of becoming a show "Apocalypse Opera", from the innovative format, in which the works come to life through the free arts: painting, music, dance, acting and video installations.      


A four-handed artistic journey, together with the artist Diego Santanelli, who wants to represent the Apocalypse, the battle between good and evil, as a conflict between the army of satan ("all those who are marked with the number of the beast "), our society, which is now totally codified, and the army of good, angels disguised as homeless.